Corporate sponsorship at the Jackson Area YMCA is an agreement entered into by local businesses and corporations wherein the company pays an annual fee of $800 to the Jackson Area YMCA.  In exchange, any verified employee of that company is then eligible for discounted 44% membership rates for family, couple or individual categories. 

The company benefits by being able to provide a low-cost perk for their employees. This gives the employees the opportunity to improve their health and well being which in turn makes them less likely to use sick time and have fewer chronic health problems. Additionally, healthier employees keep down the cost of health insurance and increase productivity for the company.  Everyone wins! 

If only 3 employees take advantage of the opportunity and purchase a family membership, the sponsorship has more than paid for itself.  In addition to the price break for employees, the YMCA is willing to partner with the company for health fairs, special events, etc.    


To get started, simply mail a check for $800 to:

Jackson Area YMCA

594 East Main St.

Jackson, OH  45640

Put “corporate sponsorship” in the memo.  Your employees will begin benefiting immediately and the sponsorship will be good for one year from the date the check is received.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call Timothy Harvey @ 740-286-7008.