Annual Christmas Decoration


Hanging Ornaments

2020 Second Annual Christmas Decoration Competition

Brought to you by your Jackson Area YMCA.

We had 38 participants in this year’s competition, spread throughout our wonderful county. It was a very tough competition!The Jackson Area YMCA set up two groups to cover so many miles. The 1st group went to Wellston/Coalton and 2nd Team traveled around Jackson/ Oak Hill. Derek Gilbert , Sydney Gilbert, Linda Akers, Teresa Tenpenny, Sarah Fox and Tim Harvey were the judges this year. 5 trophies were handed out by team 1 and 7 by team 2.

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard in Decorating their homes.

Here are the Winners!


Randy and Bonnie Byus

Jeff and Kathy Dotson

Tiffany leach

Beth Powell

Jessica Fain


Ashley Aldrich

Betsy Gee

Krystal Newman

Jennifer cornelius Riegel and Family

Jeffery Seitz

Erica Eades

No name winner ( will get name and update)

Thank you to everyone! Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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